Te Deum is committed to exploring spirituality and the human experience through enlightening, thought-provoking music and texts, including: music from the standard canon; pieces accessible to most volunteer choirs (church, community, synagogue, school, etc.); the most advanced repertoire, inaccessible to most ensembles; and new commissions and compositions.


Bach, J.S.B Minor Mass (period orchestra)
Bach, J.S.Jesu, Meine Freude2011
Bach, J.S.St. John Passion (period orchestra)
Bairstow, Edward C.I Sat Down Under His Shadow2012
Barber, SamuelAgnus Dei2012
Barber, SamuelThe Coolin2012
Bates, Mason"From the Book of Matthew" from Sirens2016, 2017
Belmont, JeanIf Music Be the Food of Love2012
Biebl, FranzAve Maria2011
Billings, WilliamWake Every Breath2009
Brahms, JohannesA German Requiem, Op. 452016
Brahms, JohannesWarum ist das Licht gegeben, Op. 74, No. 12015
Britten, Benjamin"Ballad of Green Broom" (from Five Flower Songs, Op. 47)2012
Britten, BenjaminA.M.D.G.2011
Britten, BenjaminChorale after an Old French Carol2013
Britten, BenjaminFestival Te Deum2009, 2011
Casals, PabloO Vos Omnes2011
Chesnokov, PavelDuh Tvoy Blagiy (Let Thy Good Spirit), Op. 25, No. 102015
Chesnokov, PavelSalvation Is Created2011, 2015
Christiansen, F. MeliusBeautiful Savior2012
Christiansen, Paul J.Create in Me a Clean Heart2009
Christiansen, Paul J.My Song in the Night2014
Christiansen, Paul J.What Wondrous Love2012
Cooke, PhillipThe World on Fire2017
Dalglish, MalcolmLittle Potato2012
Dawson, William L.Soon-Ah Will Be Done2010
Des Prez, JosquinEl Grillo2012
Des Prez, JosquinMissa L'homme armé sexti toni2010
Distler, HugoSinget dem Herrn2009
Dove, JonathanSeek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars2017
Duruflé, MauriceRequiem2009
Duruflé, MauriceUbi caritas2009
Elam, Jacob, arr.Were You There2012
Elgar, EdwardAgnus Dei2012
Elgar, EdwardGo, Song of Mine2015
Elgar, EdwardThey Are at Rest2014
Erb, James, arr.Shenandoah2012
Ešenvalds, ĒriksPassion and Resurrection2015
Fauré, GabrielRequiem2010
Finzi, GeraldMy Spirit Sang All Day2012
Fissinger, EdwinLove Came Down at Christmas2017
Fissinger, Edwin, arr.Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho2016
Gjeilo, OlaThe Spheres2012
Goodall, HowardMagnificat2009
Górecki, HenrykTotus Tuus2012
Gretchaninov, AlexanderOur Father2011
Hanson, HowardA Prayer of the Middle Ages2011
Harris, WilliamFaire Is the Heaven2013
Hassler, Hans LeoCantate Domino a 122015
Hawley, William, arr.Not One Sparrow Is Forgotten2016
Hearne, TedPrivilege2015
Hogan, MosesHear My Prayer2010
Hogan, Moses, arr.Deep River2010
Hogan, Moses, arr.My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord2016
Howells, HerbertMy Eyes for Beauty Pine2009
Howells, HerbertRequiem2013
Howells, HerbertTake Him, Earth, for Cherishing2011
Ives, CharlesPsalm 672016
Jackson, GabrielOrbis patrator optime2013, 2016
Joel, BillyLullabye2012
Kirchner, ShawnHeavenly Home: Three American Songs2015
Knaggs, Daniel J.Mysterium (world premiere)2014
Kyr, RobertFreedom Song2016
Lang, Davidagain (after ecclesiastes)2014
Lang, Davidthe little match girl passion2015
Lauridsen, MortenLux Aeterna2010
Lotti, AntonioCrucifixus2012
MacMillan, James"O Radiant Dawn" (from The Strathclyde Motets)2016
MacMillan, JamesAlpha and Omega2016
MacMillan, JamesTe Deum2011, 2017
MacMillan, JamesSeven Last Words from the Cross2018
Marshall, JaneOf Hospitality2009
Martin, Frank"Kyrie" from Mass for Double Choir2016
McDowall, CeciliaO Oriens2017
Mealor, PaulLocus Iste2015
Mealor, PaulUbi caritas2015
Mennicke, David L., arr.Down in the River to Pray2016
Nystedt, KnutImmortal Bach2014
O'Regan, Tarik, arr.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot2016
Pärt, ArvoDa Pacem Domine2016
Pärt, ArvoMagnificat2016
Pärt, ArvoSieben Magnificat-Antiphonen2011
Pärt, ArvoWhich Was the Son Of2009, 2013
Pärt, ArvoThe Deer's Cry2017
Paulus, StephenHymn to America2012
Paulus, StephenHymn to the Eternal Flame2014
Penderecki, KrzysztofIzhe Xeruvimy (Song of Cherubim)2014, 2016
PlainsongRequiem Aeternam from Liber Usualis2014
Poulenc, FrancisMesse en Sol Majeur2014
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre petites prières de Saint François d'Assise2013
Poulenc, FrancisSalve Regina2009, 2012
Purcell, HenryHear My Prayer, O Lord2010
Purcell, HenryLord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry2010
Purcell, HenryRemember Not, Lord, Our Offences2010
Purcell, HenryThou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets of Our Hearts2010
Rachmaninoff, SergeiVocalise2012
Reger, MaxUnser lieben Frauen Traum2012
Rheinberger, JosefMesse in Es, Op. 109 "Cantus Missæ"2014
Rice, PhilipThe Unspeakable Names of Stars (world premiere)2014
Saint-Saëns, CamilleCalme des Nuit2012
Sametz, Stevenin time of2015
Sandström, Sven-DavidHear My Prayer, O Lord2016
Schönberg, ArnoldFriede auf Erden, Op. 132016
Schütz, Heinrich3 Motets from Cantiones sacrae: SWV 56-582012
Shaw/ParkerAmazing Grace2013
Shaw/ParkerSometimes I Feel2010
Sjolund, PaulIn the Beginning Was the Word2009
Stanford, Charles VilliersJustorum Animae, Op. 38, No. 12014
Stanhope, Paul, arr.Steal Away to Jesus2016
Stölzel, IngridLight the World (world premiere)2017
Stucky, Steven"O sacrum convivium" from Three New Motets2012
Tavener, JohnSong for Athene2014
Tavener, JohnToday the Virgin2009
Tavener, JohnGod Is with Us2017
Thompson, RandallAlleluia2014, 2016
Thompson, RandallBest of Rooms2009
Thomson, Virgil, arr.My Shepherd Will Supply My Need2009
Trumbore, DaleAs it is in Heaven2017
Victoria, Tomás Luis deO Magnum Mysterium2009
Walton, WilliamThe Twelve2017
Warland, Dale, arr.Coventry Carol2017
Whitacre, EricThis Marriage2012
Whitacre, EricWater Night2014
Willan, HealeyHow They So Softly Rest2014
Yi, ChenSpring Dreams2012