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We need your support! Lumine 2021


As we come together for in-person concerts this season, we are united by the universal connection that music provides. Music allows us to express emotions and find meaning where words alone often fall short. Te Deum audiences are returning to concerts in 2021 because of the power and depth of our performance experience, rooted in the understanding that we are all connected by our shared humanity.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel an in person Lumine for 2021, prioritizing the health and safety of our patrons and singers. We look forward to gathering in person for Lumine 2022. We rely on Lumine to fund the organizational expenses necessary to present beautiful, virtuosic music in Kansas City. We hope you will make an additional donation this year to help us overcome the loss of another Lumine fundraiser and to support Te Deum’s artistic excellence and genuine voice in the choral landscape. 

To ensure Te Deum meets its goals in this 14th season, simply submit your gift at the link below to make a secure online gift.

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